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Halo Defense Training & Tactics offers a range of services. No matter your experience level, our customers come first. Do you have five or more interested in a course, Halo has the capabilities of limited travel, contact us for more information. Private instruction? We offer that too.

Halo Instructors are certified in more than just firearms training. They are also certified and have experience in Active Shooter Response for law enforcement/armed security along with Active Shooter Preparedness for corporations, unarmed response (click or scroll down).

Illinois 16/8
Concealed Carry Course
Concealed Carry Course
Home Defense
IL Concealed Carry

We instruct the basics recommended by the State:

  • Firearm Safety.

  • Basic Principles of Marksmanship.

  • Care, Cleaning & Unloading.

  • Laws relating to ownership, storage, carry and transport.

  • Weapons Handling.

But that's not all:

  • Our methods provide a solid foundation.

  • We preach the importance of justified use of force.

  • Discussion of current events to assist in decision making.

  • We offer guidance to prepare for a concealed carry event.

Taking the State certified course is just the beginning. Our Covert Carry Course (advanced concealed carry), raises concealed carry training to the next level. The Covert Carry Course is conducted at the range to build upon your firearm fundamentals while also simulating real life situations to prepare you, the concealed carry holder. Although it is range training, we still guide our students so they are confident and comfortable WHEN they are justified to use their firearm.

Home defense differs in concealed carry. There are numerous considerations and challenges when preparing and training home defense with your firearm. Halo Defense Training & Tactic's Instructors will guide you on preparing, training and tactics when using your firearm for defense at home.

Private Instruction is also available

Limited experience with a firearm?

Want to feel confidant before qualifying?

Or do you want to take you training to the next level?

private instruction
Active Shooter Response for Armed Security or Law Enforcement
Unarmed Active Shooter Preparedness
for corporations.

Halo Defense Training & Tactics Instructors are certified and have experience training large scale Active Shooter Response for Law Enforcement and Armed Security.

The training is custom tailored to meet the needs of the client. Once the training is complete, the client is provided a Training Brief along with recommendations to better assist in the response.

Halo Defense Training & Tactics Instructors are certified and have experience training smaller corporations in active shooter response.

We instruct the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recommended method of: Run, Hide, Fight!

We will also custom tailor the training for your corporation and provide recommendations for better preparedness.

Active Shooter
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