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​Halo Defense Training & Tactics provides firearms and scenario training for civilian concealed carry permits in Illinois and continuing education for law enforcement officers.

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Our highly trained instructors bring a combination of military and law enforcement experience to assist the instruction of students on the most current and effective ways to protect themselves in rapidly evolving and uncertain situations for the benefit of both the private citizen and law enforcement officers.


​There are a lot of good instruction and highly skilled firearms instructors teaching the fundamentals and HOW to shoot. However, we found there is lacking on the WHEN you are justified to use your firearm. The WHEN is just as important as the HOW. Due to Halo's instructor's training, experience and employment they are competent and confidant in Federal and State Use of Force Laws, and are able to properly deliver it to our students. With Halo you get a complete firearms training experience!

Halo is the Answer to Firearms Training including Illinois Concealed Carry Training

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