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Covert Carry

Taking the State certified course is just the beginning.

Our Covert Carry Course (advanced concealed carry) is conducted at the range and was created to build upon your firearm fundamentals while also simulating real life situations to prepare you, the concealed carry holder.

No Prerequisites. All experience welcome! We do ask you

The course is an 8 hour course and consists of two parts:


  • Morning brief

  • Fundamentals

  • Drawing from concealment

  • Single Target Practice

Course Requirements

Afternoon drills

  • Various Positions

  • Drawing from concealment

  • Multiple target

  • Other relevant drills


  • Every day carry (EDC) holster

  • EDC handgun (preferably a 9mm or greater due to many drills using steel)

  • Eye protection

  • Ear protection

  • 300 rounds of ammunition

Individual               $100

Group rates apply

Active Military       $90

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