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Manny is an active law enforcement officer for over 18 years and is currently a patrol Sergeant for one of the larger departments in the St. Louis Metro East area. He has numerous certifications in firearms.

Manny's been instructing the Illinois 16/8 Concealed Carry Course since early 2016. He offers advanced concealed carry, home defense and private instruction. He also has experience teaching active shooter response for law enforcement, armed security as well as civilian and corporate response. (CLICK PHOTO FOR MORE INFORMATION)

Brandon is a US ARMY veteran. He has been in law enforcement since 2007, He is a law enforcement firearms instructor and the Lead Range Instructor for his department. He is constantly training and learning by attending numerous courses, learning from world-renowned special operations, law enforcement and competitive shooting instructors. Brandon also has an array of certifications. (CLICK PHOTO FOR MORE INFORMATION)

Adjunct Instructors

Halo Defense Training & Tactics has many resources in the St. Louis Metro-East. We are capable of providing an extensive amount of training depending on your needs. We have used different instructors, "experts" in their field in order to provide the best training possible.

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