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A fun day for a gun day

Covert Carry Course

April 28, 2018

Instructors with our students
Covert Carry class

Saturday, April 28, we held our first Covert Carry course. The class was designed for a concealed carry licensee (CCL) or someone seeking training in a concealed carry capacity. Those in Illinois who have taken the Illinois 16/8 Concealed Carry Course, are limited at the range. Some don't get to shoot much more than the qualification, which is insufficient and scary. Also, which is unfortunate, much of the range training is to train for the qualification and not so much to conceal and carry.

Halo Defense Training & Tactics, Covert Carry Course was created to address the needs of the concealed carry holder. We wanted to assist with competence and confidence in order to better prepare the CCL holder for actually concealed carry. The course was an all day event and consisted of instruction along with numerous drills.

Range Instructor Brandon talking with the students
Discussing the safety brief

We began the day reviewing the four rules of firearm safety (in detail) and reviewing the fundamentals, expressing their importance. After discussing the fundamentals, they were demonstrated and then the shooting began. Once everyone was comfortable with shooting and drawing from concealment, we began employing concealed carry tactics with drills and even fun competitions.

Now that we showed you ideal "perfect" shooting conditions, we are going to break the rules. In real life we are not going to be standing in the perfect "interview stance" everywhere we go. - Range Instructor Brandon

Student versus instructor in a competition drill
Fox and the Rabbit drill

The probability of having a great shooting stance, hands in front above the waist, intent on a target, prepared to draw a firearm at a deadly threat everywhere you go (you know like at the range) is pretty slim. Instead, in real life, a deadly threat can present itself at any given time. We may be reaching for something, holding a child's hand, tying our shoe, hands in our pocket, etc. One of the objectives of the course was to recognize that once a deadly threat presents itself, a concealed carry holder should be able to react to the threat, no matter what circumstance or position they are in. In many of the drills, the students were not standing in a "perfect" (ideal) range stance, but had their arms crossed, shaking hands, hands in their pocket etc., you know, like in real life.

In the class we worked on accuracy, efficiency and practical situations. In order to meet the objectives, the course consisted of many drills. Some were done using paper targets, some using cardboard and others were conducted on steel. One of the drills everyone seemed to enjoy was the "Fox and the Rabbit" drill (above video). The Rabbit set the stage. Whatever action the Rabbit did the Fox had to copy. Once the Rabbit went to draw and shoot at a steel target, the Fox was to draw and try to beat the Rabbit on the steel target. The "Fox and the Rabbit" drill emphasized drawing from a practical situation, but also building speed and confidence.

Other drills consisted of accuracy, movement and confidence building. All important aspects of a concealed carry holder. It was important to inform the students the objectives of the drills along with holding discussions to not only assist in decision making but also preparing their mindset. This will not only prepare and further the training the students conduct on their own but also to prepare them in real life events.

Students on the firing line.
Shooting on line from a concealed draw.

All and all it was a great day. The sky was blue, the weather was cool and best of all the day was spent at the range. Not the typical "range training" or "range theatrics" but essential concealed carry training. All the students seemed to leave the range better prepared and radiating confidence. The instructors, both law enforcement officers, also felt good knowing those who concealed carry and accept the awesome responsibility of carrying a gun, take training seriously and are seeking to be better. As should we all.

Range time and dry fire are great methods to improve your shooting skills. However, seeking out professional firearms training is just as important. Whether you are looking for your Illinois concealed carry license, additional concealed carry training, home defense or basic introduction to firearms, Halo Defense Training & Tactics is your answer. Taught by law enforcement officers who not only understand the importance of firearms training but are well versed in the tactics and legality of using a firearm.

As always, continue to train, be safe and stay armed.


Lead Instructor of Halo Defense Training & Tactics

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