instructors for the premiere metro east illinois concealed carry class

Meet The Instructors

Manuel “Manny” Espinoza Lead Instructor



  • Illinois State Police Approved Concealed Carry Instructor
  • NRA Certified Instructor
  • Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board (ILETSB) Certified Police Firearms Instructor
  • Singleton International Shoot-house Instructor
  • National Center for Biomedical Research and Training (NCBRT) Law enforcement Active Shooter Emergency Response (LASER) Active Shooter Instructor
  • Tier One Certified Active Shooter Instructor (civilian response to an active shooter)
  • ILETSB/FEMA certified Field Force Operations

I am an active law enforcement officer of 16 years currently assigned to the patrol division and qualify active/retired police officers with their firearms. I also train officers in several less-lethal weaponries.

In 2008, I was assigned to a local Tactical Response Team (TRT), where I began my training in Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT). In 2009 I joined a regional Special Response Team (SRT) comprised of approximately 40 tactical operators and serves 11 counties in Illinois. The SRT is a fully functional team that serves high risk search warrants, responds to barricaded/hostage incidents along with any other situation requiring specialized officers. I have taken part in numerous operations (ops) ranging from high risk search warrants to barricaded incidents. I also had the opportunity to take part in high profile ops, such as the Chicago NATO Summit 2012.

I am still an active member of the SRT team and serves as a ‘squad leader.’ As a ‘squad leader,’ I prepare and oversee training for the SRT throughout the year and also develops and issues op orders. I have attended: an 80-hour basic SWAT school; Advanced SWAT – Midsouth Institute Self-Defense Shooting, Advanced SWAT – Hostage Rescue; a Team Leader course, along with numerous WMD related courses. Further, I attended numerous live-fire Shoothouse training and monitor Shoothouse training.



John “Brandon” DeSherlia Range Instructor

Prior to joining law enforcement, I spent 4 years in the US ARMY, during that time, I regularly assisted as a range control NCO, learning the principal of range and firearm safety and employment.  Joining law enforcement in 2007, I was appointed one of my department’s firearms instructors.  Since that time, I have expanded my firearms training, attending numerous courses, learning from world-renowned special operations, law enforcement and competitive shooting instructors.  I continued my career in firearms instruction in 2012, when I became a member of and a firearms instructor for a regional WMD/Counter Terrorism tactical team.  I continue to train armed professionals and vetted civilians in rifle/carbine, shotgun and handgun courses.  I employ a systematic, full-spectrum training system, which focuses on the individual students performance, allowing them to progress without focusing on the outcome, yet building confidence in ones ability to safely and competently deploy a given weapon system.

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